During the course of his practice  and tired of dealing with often caustic wound care products and antimicrobials/antifungals that just didn’t work as advertised, Dr. Eric Witherspoon began working with various mixtures of naturopathic ingredients.  He started experimenting with tea tree oil, comfrey, and goldenseal for wound and skin care issues such as fungal rain scald and bacterial dermatitises.  The naturopathics had great merit, but he discovered that when he mixed them with specific amounts of safe pharmaceuticals, such as hydrocortisone and benzathonium chloride, the results were spectacular.  The synergy of action was much greater than the sum of the parts!  As the demand for these products by his clients increased, Healing Tree Products, Inc. was born.  Eric founded Healing Tree Products, Inc. in 1997 and began commercially producing and selling the line in January 2000.

Clients who used the Healing Tree Products began reporting that they worked exceptionally well on ‘human’ ailments, ranging from psoriasis and eczema to toenail fungus and athletes foot to sore muscles and tendons.  Feeling compelled to meet these ‘people needs’ as well, Dr. Witherspoon developed the Healing Tree line labeled for human use and introduced them in the spring of 2006, originally under the name Dr. Wacky’s Oweee!® products.  In early 2008, a decision was made to begin marketing the human labeled line under the Healing Tree® name and logo.