State of the Art Foamer Makes Shampooing a Snap

July 10, 2012, McMinville, OR – Dr. Eric Witherspoon, founder and CEO of Healing Tree, Inc. announced today that Healing Tree is now offering a “state of the art” foaming/shampooing tool for use with virtually any garden hose. The “HTQ9 Foamer System” is distinctive forest green in color. It offers a quick release handle and a NEW NINE position quick release nozzle for easy, convenient rinsing….the “HTQ9 Quik Release System.”

The HTQ9 is a perfect match for use with Healing Tree’s leading edge, proprietary,   QuikClenz® Foam –On – Rinse – Off  4 in 1 Cleaner/Conditioner/Brightner/Dirt Repellent.

Healing Tree’s QuikClenz® is now available in an eight ounce concentrate, as well as the regular quart and gallon size. Simply pour in the eight-ounce concentrate and twenty-four ounces of water and the HTQ9 is ready to go.

Stores and distributors wishing to purchase this product should contact:

MGM & Associates   800-348-2458