Q) Can I use T-ZoN Dermal Care Cream on open wounds, like lacerations or cuts?
A) T-ZoN contains hydrocortisone, a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-itch compound. Hydrocortisone relieves itching, inflammation and a number of other conditions, but it will actually slow down the process of skin closing over an open wound.

Q) What kind of problems or wounds can I use T-ZoN Healing Cream on?
A) T-ZoN Healing Cream can be used on acral lick granulomas, hot spots, flea and insect bites, abrasions, foot sores, and many other conditions.

Q) What’s the difference between naturopathic and pharmaceutical products or ingredients?
A) Pharmaceutical implies that the ingredient or remedy was derived from chemical components and manufactured in a laboratory setting; naturopathic implies that the ingredient was derived from plants or other natural sources.

Q) Are there any places I shouldn’t use T-Pro Wound Spray?
A) Tea-Pro should not be sprayed into the eyes or into an open joint.

 Q) What cause ‘ringworm’?
A) Ringworm is actually a topical fungal condition that infects the hair shaft. . Sometime large clumps of hair with attached pieces of dead skin may actually slough off the animal’s skin. There is often an underlying bacterial and fungal organism that may be the cause. Weather and environmental conditions also may play a part.

Q) What should I use on open wounds, like deep cuts or puncture wounds?
A) Tea-Pro Wound Spray is safe on all types of open wounds and contains a natural anti-microbial, Tea Tree Oil, as well as a number of other naturopathic ingredients including Comfrey, Myrrh, Goldenseal and Aloe Vera.