Private Reserve Conditioning Shampoo

My name is Tammi Harrison, owner/operator of T’s Dog Grooming.  I have  been in the business for over 20 years.  When Eric Witherspoon, DVM started Healing Tree Products, I began using his products in my grooming shop.  I have numerous clientele with a wide range of medical issues, many involving the skin.  Since I began using Healing Tree shampoo and conditioner, my clients and I have yet to experience any kind of adverse reaction and/or sensitivity to these products, which is not the case with many grooming products.

Although I am not a veterinarian, I have noticed improvement in many of my clients’ skin conditions.  This is of extreme importance to me as I have used several leading brands of grooming products, all causing some sort of reaction at some point on some dogs.  I needed one product that could be used on a variety of skin and coat issues that my clients’ pets deal with and thus far, Healing Tree is the only one that has come through!  I don’t have any doubts about using these products on any and all of my four-legged clientel, dogs, cats and horses, so far, and the great thing is the same products can be used on all of them safely and effectively.

Thank you!


GONE! Testimonials

I can’t say enough good things about Gone! My husband and I own and operate a dog boarding and training facility in Portland, OR, and we needed a quality enzymatic cleaner.  We tried many different brands, and then found Gone!  Gone! is by far the best enzymatic cleaner that we’re tried.  It’s been the most effective at cleaning stains and eliminating odors, and also has a great peppermint scent.  We rely on it every day.



I originally purchased TZon and Tea-Pro for my horse; both products were very helpful this past spring for controlling itch due to insect bites. The products’ scent also seemed to repel insects.

I also have a golden retriever who loves water (what retriever doesn’t?).That, plus the hot humid weather this summer created uncomfortable inflammation in both ears. I sprayed TeaPro directly into the ears for cleaning, and dabbed the TZon on the visible inflamed areas. Within 3 days this dog’s ears were completely free of redness and looked (and smelled)healthy again. I have tried the home remedies in the past (peroxide, etc.) and epiotic solutions but nothing worked as fast as TZon and TeaPro. As Healing Tree says, these products are naturally superior!

Nan K.
Vermilion, Ohio